• 12" Latex Balloons

    $1.99 $1.99

    • (1) 12" Latex Assorted with Hi-Float

    Float Time- 24HRS  Guaranteed 

    All balloons are tied only once with balloon string *WEIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED* but we have them available at an additional charge 

    *Hi-Float is a special gel that we put inside each latex balloon.  It makes the balloon stronger and last 25 times longer!

    * Helium Included 

    * Available for Pick Up or Delivery Please call the Shop to confirm the order with Staff Thank you 

    *Balloon Disclosure*

    We are not responsible for popped or damaged balloons after you leave the store or delivery  Keep balloons indoors until close to your event time to bring them outside if event is outside. Keep away from sharp objects, Tree, Plants and Dogs.  We recommend letting Shop Staff know in advance time of event so they can start inflating latex balloons with helium as close to the event as possible in order for them to look their best throughout your event, as a rough guide, 10-inch balloons will float for around 8-12 hours whilst 12-inch balloons will float for around 12 hours. With HI-FLOAT, balloons can be prepared a day ahead of time, and balloon bouquets will float for several days. Helium-filled latex balloons float 25 times longer on average with HI-FLOAT, and air-filled latex balloons maintain full size for about a month.

    *Delivery Disclosure*
    This item is for pick up in store or delivery. Please email us what time you would like to pick up or if you need delivery for a certain date and time. Deliveries for same day need a 2 hour window to ensure balloons arrive on time. Set up for large orders, we need a 3 hour window. Deliveries cost an extra fee.