We are a talented group of women and young ladies with a passion for art, adventure and fun. One woman's vision turned into a dream for her and her staff when she decided to open up Funtastik Balloons and Party Rentals. Why hire people from LA when we have talent here in the Coachella Valley? We love to create art for all different types of events. From body and face painting, henna art, balloon decorations, hair art and much more to the public. From private events, shops, festivals or just a fun night out on the town! The owner of Funtastik Balloons does amazing balloon designs of animal shaped, dress balloons, palm trees, balloon arches, custom  balloons for weddings, special events, balloon columns and so much more!!! Our body artists we have female and males amazing artists who can create you from a fairy to an animal, and don't forget we can also do cosplay for Comi-con!!!!!!