Sully - Monsters University


Life-size cardboard standup of Sulley from Disney Pixar Monsters University stands at a size of 64" x 57". An 18-year-old Sulley appears in Monsters University as an arrogant yet friendly monster who thinks that his family name and natural talent is enough to get him into the scaring business. He arrives on the first day of class at Scaring 101 unprepared, but unleashes a roar upon entering the lecture hall, impressing Professor Knight. Both Sulley and Johnny look down on Mike, the former believing he's not in the same league as him, sparking a rivalry. His laziness gradually costs him respect from Professior Knight and ROR while Mike studies hard, outpacing Sullivan in the class. This scarer is a blue and purple furry monster that has incredible scaring power. He becomes best friends with the little green monster Mike Wazowksi. Monsters University takes you back in time to college before Monsters, Inc. Sulley is a great character and a funny part of the movie. Get your furry Sulley today! You will enjoy it!

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